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    Edition 2024

    Welcome to the vibrant world of BJW, where we celebrate the cutting-edge realm of contemporary jewelry, pushing boundaries and redefining traditional norms. Our platform serves as a meeting ground for both established and emerging artists, passionate collectors, and a diverse global audience.


    Join us on this creative journey and be part of an unparalleled celebration of innovation, art, and the spirit of change!


    Photograph: Rebecca De Cavel |Make up: Emma Catry | Model: Keyshia Valle | Creator: Consuelo Keller

  • Joani Groenewald



    Barbora Lexová

    Photographer: Barbora Lexová

    Margit Hart

    Photographer: Margit Hart

    Michelle Stewart

    Photographer Fred Kroh

    Claire Lavendhomme

    Photographer: Claire Lavendhomme

    Mylène Auquière

    Photographer: Mylène Auquière

    Mathilde Fenoll

    Photographer: Mathilde Fenoll

    Hélène Sajfrt

    Photographer Simon Van Ranst


    Cristina Celis

    Photographer: Cristina Celis

    Chloé Ucedo

    Photographer: Alice Gregoire

    Arata Fuchi

    Photographer: Arata Fuchi



    Rebecca Tanda

    Photographer: Magdalena Joos

  • Missed or want to see PARTICLE[S] exhibition again? Scan the QRcode and discover the works on display!

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    Flyers with the programme and map, are freely available at the entrance of the MAD, De Markten, Mont-de-Piété and many galleries


    The catalogue of the main exhibition is on sale at the bookshop of the MAD



    Admission to all exhibitions and conferences is free

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    At the MAD

    Prepare for an extraordinary international exhibition themed PARTICLE[S] featuring stunning scenography that promises to captivate your senses.


    Embark on a holistic experience as we introduce enlightening conferences, providing a platform for thought leaders to share insights and ideas. Additionally, explore our curated bookshop boasting magnificent art books


    Immerse yourself in our latest project, NoWaste, a catalyst for social change and environmental consciousness, offering exquisite jewelry crafted from discarded items


    Photographe: Rebecca De Cavel |Maquillage: Emma Catry | Modèle: Keyshia Valle | Creator: Olga Chernyshova

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    As you traverse the city, numerous thrilling venues await your exploration, from galleries and collectives to esteemed international schools like l'Ecole Boulle from Paris.

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    Don't miss the Belgian schools exhibition nestled in a charming, typical area of Brussels, showcasing not only current talents but also future innovators in the world of contemporary jewelry