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    Artistic and Social Commitment



    Exhibition & sales

    25 April > 5 May 2024

    @ MAD: 10 place du Nouveau Marché-aux-Grains| Nieuwgranenmarkt 10, 1000 Bruxelles

    In essence, the NoWaste Project not only transforms discarded items into stunning jewelry but also acts as a catalyst for social change and environmental consciousness.



    NoWaste is a groundbreaking initiative that blends social responsibility with environmental consciousness, challenging the stereotype that jewellery is synonymous with extravagance. This avant-garde approach gives a second life to useless objects by transforming them into contemporary and ethical pieces, crafted by students from Belgian jewellery schools under the guidance of their professors.

    These unique pieces are showcased during the Brussels Jewellery Week, a remarkable event. Simultaneously with the international exhibition PARTICLE[s] at the MAD.

    The proceeds from the sale of these pieces significantly contribute to the non-profit association, Solidarité Grands Froids, which supports the underprivileged in Brussels.

    Beyond its social impact, the project aims to raise awareness about waste, particularly in the fashion industry, emphasizing its impact on the planet and the living conditions of workers.

    NoWaste embodies an artistic and social initiative, urging a reconsideration of our relationship with fashion and encouraging more sustainable practices.