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    Meet our team, Les Brucelles

    ... association named after a small pair of pliers used in jewellery making, Les Brucelles asbl is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation founded in 2021 and composed of passionate jewellery designers and jewellery lovers.


    The organisation aims to improve the visibility and the recognition of contemporary jewellery artists by promoting and presenting their work not only to art lovers, professionals and cultural authorities but to the general public as well. By focusing on the multidisciplinary aspects of the practice, Les Brucelles asbl intends to carry out projects of social cohesion and to encourage cultural diversity.

    The Brussels Jewellery Week is their first international event, a dream project organized to highlight contemporary jewellery right in the heart of Europe, Brussels.

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    Brigitte Raoult

    After a long career in marketing and communication, public relations, Brigitte started her artistic path with the sculpture, and decided to pursue her work with the complicity of the body. With a degree in contemporary jewellery, she questions, through her unusual creations, the drifts of our society. She is glad to be able to put her experience into the launch of the BJW.

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    Sandra Kleimberg

    From the country of watches to the land of maple syrup, passing through the terroir of camembert, she finally touched down in the country of fries and beer, without knowing that the passion for jewellery was tucked away there. Nurse by profession, the approach to the body requires respect and comfort, something she likes to find in body adornments. Sharing her passion is a continuum.

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    Pauline Grandjean

    The desire to do things together, to laugh and to share, has always led Pauline to get involved in daring and heartful community projects. She gladly dips her hands into the earth, and is an obsessive walker, preferably in the forest surrounded by incredible trees.

    For several years, Pauline has been creating jewelry and baking bread. In short, no activity which is deemed “essential”.


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    Petra Saelens

    Born in a small town near the sea. Windsurfing addict. Studied graphic design and illustration, sailed to Brussels, dived into advertising. Crazy cat lady. Loves travelling. Met boyfriend in Vietnam. But above all favorite place is loosing track of time behind the workbench, creating, exploring, making jewellery.


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    Marta Dobrynina



    She spent her childhood in the massive, grayand cold, but poetically beautiful Ural Mountains where she studied the Art history and Etching. Several years after graduating as interior designer in Belgium, she felt attracted to small-scale architecture i.e. artistic jewellery. Art and nature lover, she is anunconditional team player and aspires to share her passion for contemporary jewelry with other creative people.



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    Silke Fleischer


    Most days you can find Silke in the forest or heather fields around her studio. Shortly after her Master degree in jewellery, in addition to her own studio, she organized a show space for contemporary jewellery, first in Antwerp and later on abroad. In her work, Silke is concerned with finding a language, aspects of life, whilst her approach is reaching beyond mere technique, convention or routine. It is characterized by an open attitude and the will to explore boundaries in the field, in her own practice and in the content she develops with her students and towards concepts and events.

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    Penny Peeters



    Born in Antwerp and passing by Paris, Wallonia, Luxembourg and Spain, she touched down near Brussels. Passionate about jewelry since childhood, she obtained her degree at IKA in Mechelen very much later in life. Designing, creating and wearing jewels makes her the happiest of all. She gets inspiration from loving her family and friends, adopted dog Xena, all animals except snakes, nature, traveling, museums, expos, books and her garden. With this team I would like to put comtemporary jewelry more on the map and more known to the general public.


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    Charline Lamontagne

    Although Charline has a «basic» full-time job, she always leavestime for her creative hobbies. Over the years, she has a growing interest in jewelry and its creative techniques. Being part of the great adventure "Les Brucelles", represents for Charline the opportunity to learn more about contemporary jewelry and to contribute to the promotion of it.