• "‘What Are Urban Patterns?' is a creative children's workshop that intertwines the realms of art and science, revolving around the theme ‘PARTICLE[S]’ of BJW 2024. The workshop will introduce an approach that inspires children to delve into the unnoticeable living aspects embedded within often-overlooked urban waste. Exploring the value of recycled material and thinking outside the box about the functionality of jewelry.


    Through engaging hands-on activities, children will experience the unconventional process of culturing microorganisms within a Petri dish, providing an opportunity to witness the fascinating microbiological urban patterns growing out of discarded items.


    Through this multidisciplinary learning, the workshop aspires to raise children's awareness of the magical particle world we live in, nurturing a generation that values sustainability and actively contributes to more eco-conscious ways of creating.



    Saturday 27 April


    Workshop: 10 am - 1 pm (For 9-12 years old children) in French, Dutch & English

    Expo to public: 2 pm - 4 pm

    Location: ABC-huis, Gaucheretplein 13, 1030 Brussels