International exhibition


    At the MAD from April 25 > May 5, 2024



    On our planet dominated by the urgency of transformation, PARTICLE[S] proposes a variation on the theme of tiny forces, their active solidarity, their concealed power. Their subtle arrangement creates a work, or on the contrary, generates chaos. The strength of PARTICLE[S] is irresistible...

    In physics, 'elementary particles' are the smallest elements of which the matter and forces of the universe are made up : in perpetual motion, these tiny bodies are capable, by amalgamating, of composing large ensembles and thereby constitute the basis of all creation, of all transformation. In grammar, a particle is a small invariable element: solid, modest, it inflects the meaning of a word by joining with it.


    The notion of PARTICLE[S] can be approached from a purely scientific or technical point of view. But it can also be seen, in a world threatened by pollution and the extinction of species, as a metaphor for people whose interactions will eventually form a critical mass capable of regenerating it.


    PARTICLE[S] also applies to the world of contemporary jewellery, as each material (metal, wood, stones, etc.) is made up of those particles, in subtle arrangements that will eventually end up making a work of art.


    Finally, as in the poem of Jalal al-Din Rumi, PARTICLE[S] may express a metaphor for irresistible attraction between opposites like fragile straw and strong amber, thus producing creative energy


    All the particles in the world
    Are in love and looking for others
    Pieces of straw tremble

    In the presence of amber.




    - Evelien Bracke
    Curator at Design Museum Gent
    - David Huycke
    Jewellery artist, teacher at PXL-MAD school of Arts Hasselt
    - Chequita Nahar
    Jewellery artist
    - Delphine Perrache
    Jewellery artist, winner of the Zinneke Prize in the first edition
    - Patrick Sigal
    Owner of More Upstairs Gallery, Brussel. Expert of the contemporary jewellery department at Pierre Bergé Auction.