Open call for the exhibition PARTICLE[S]

    Until November 15, 2023




    On our planet dominated by the urgency of transformation, PARTICLE[S] proposes a variation on the theme of tiny forces, their active solidarity, their concealed power. Their subtle arrangement creates a work, or on the contrary, generates chaos. The strength of PARTICLE[S] is irresistible...

    In physics, 'elementary particles' are the smallest elements of which the matter and forces of the universe are made up : in perpetual motion, these tiny bodies are capable, by amalgamating, of composing large ensembles and thereby constitute the basis of all creation, of all transformation. In grammar, a particle is a small invariable element: solid, modest, it inflects the meaning of a word by joining with it.


    The notion of PARTICLE[S] can be approached from a purely scientific or technical point of view. But it can also be seen, in a world threatened by pollution and the extinction of species, as a metaphor for people whose interactions will eventually form a critical mass capable of regenerating it.


    PARTICLE[S] also applies to the world of contemporary jewellery, as each material (metal, wood, stones, etc.) is made up of those particles, in subtle arrangements that will eventually end up making a work of art.


    Finally, as in the poem of Jalal al-Din Rumi, PARTICLE[S] may express a metaphor for irresistible attraction between opposites like fragile straw and strong amber, thus producing creative energy :
    All the particles in the world
    Are in love and looking for others
    Pieces of straw tremble

    In the presence of amber.


    Deadline for Applications: 15 November 2023, midnight.
    Notification: 18 December 2023
    Delivery of art works: until 1 February 2024
    Opening ceremony: 24 April 2024
    Brussels Jewellery Week : 25 – 28 April 2024
    PARTICLE[S] exhibition dates: 25 April – 9 May 2024 in MAD Brussels
    Collection/Return of artworks: end of May 2024


    Les Brucelles Association, in partnership with MAD Brussels
    MAD Brussels
    10 place Nouveau Marché-aux-Grains
    1000 Brussels - Belgium

    A Jury of experts appointed by the Organiser will assess and select the artworks upon anonymous portfolio. The Organiser will not be part of the Jury. The Jury’s decision is final and shall not be subject to verification.
    - Evelien Bracke – Curator at Design Museum Gent.
    - David Huycke - Jewellery artist, teacher at PXL-MAD school of Arts Hasselt.
    - Chequita Nahar – Jewellery artist.
    - Delphine Perrache – Jewellery artist, winner of the Zinneke Prize in the first edition.
    - Patrick Sigal - Owner of More Upstairs Gallery, Brussel. Expert of the contemporary jewellery department at Pierre Bergé Auction.
    Jury Award
    Les Brucelles Award
    Award of the Public
    Plus other to be annonced


    The PARTICLE[S] Open Call 2024 is open to anyone: professional, studying, emerging artists working in the field of jewellery and crafts as well as artists from other fields of art and design that focus on the new ideas and views of contemporary jewellery. Candidates from all countries and nationalities are eligible to participate.


    Artworks must relate to the theme PARTICLE[S], have a high-quality of making and be contemporary.
    No “wear ability” required, but a link to the body must exist whether formally, metaphorically or symbolically.
    Participants have complete freedom in choosing materials, mediums and sizes of the artworks. Take notice there is going to be a Sustainability Award, so if you wish to compete for this category, make sure to give pertinent information.
    Artists are invited to present 1 to maximum 5 artworks.
    Only digital images shall be accepted in the form of photographs and possibly video of the finished artworks.
    Artworks must have been made after January ’22 and not been exhibited before in an international exhibition.
    We ask for a statement of the work proposed between 400 and 800 characters (including spaces and punctuation) written in English and in third person.
    No modification nor add up allowed after the submission and/or selection
    3 different views of each piece you are submitting in low resolution are required: 1 main view of the entire piece, 1 back view of the entire piece and 1 side view. An additional view of the piece being worn is encouraged.
    A High Definition Picture of the main view is required in addition, for each piece.
    The low-resolution images must be 1500-2000px/side, 72dpi, 85% compression with white background (black can be accepted if relevant). Please avoid using flash; The maximum size for each image in low resolution is 700kb;
    The high-resolution image must be 4000px/side, 300 dpi, 95 % compression in a totally white background (eventually black) and good lighting (this is mandatory for the catalogue).
    Photo captions: artist name - type of artwork - title of the artwork - year of creation. ex. JaneMiller-brooch-Forever-2021
    Photographer credit if applicable
    We can only accept .jpg/ .jpeg files.


    Application fee: 15 €. The payment must be in Euro currency. The application fee is non-refundable for any reason.
    Upon selection: participation fee of 80 € (includes a free catalogue) + return of artworks shipping costs.
    To be eligible for jurying, the artist must first pay the application fee of 15 €. PayPal will send a confirmation payment code (order #) that the artist must mention in the appropriate field of the Application Form. The submission will not be accepted until the payment is received.
    Selected artists will be notified by email together with instructions on paying a participation fee of 80€ + return of artworks shipping costs.
    Artists are responsible to cover all expenses for sending and insuring their artworks to reach The Organiser. For artists outside of the European Community, we strongly recommend using a shipping company (UPS or DHL, for example) instead of the national Post.
    The Organiser will be in charge of the entire exhibition (installation and supervision of the artworks) as well as of the advertising and the publication of the artworks (printed catalogue and online platforms).
    The Organiser might be the link between artists and potential buyers but no sale commission will be charged. The exhibited artworks may in no case be removed from the exhibition before the end of the event.
    By applying to the Open Call, the artist agrees to The Organiser's use of photographs of the art material provided, as well as any taken during the exhibition, to be used in different media outlets, such as the web, social media, catalogues, posters, magazines, video, etc. Assignment of the right of media reproduction granted by the artist is non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited territory for the distribution of reproductions.
    Participation in the Open Call does not involve any transfer of ownership of the artworks. All texts and photographs made available by the artist to The Organiser are protected by copyright and remain the exclusive property of the artist. Any distribution or other uses are prohibited apart from agreements established in writing. The artist will be credited in all communications managed by The Organiser.
    The temporary transfer of the rights of public performance, exhibition, reproduction and public communication by the artist, holder of copyright on the artworks, for the benefit of The Organiser is defined in the Copyright Contract provided along with the Application Form.
    The selected artworks will be covered under the terms of the insurance contract of The Organiser during the exhibition and the storing period. Transportation, delivery and returns will not be covered by The Organiser insurance. The artist is invited to contract his/her own insurance.
    The Organiser has the right to cancel any participation on the basis of false information or if the participant fails to comply with the criteria and dates specified. Cancellation by the participant holds a 100% penalty of the total value of the participation fee. The Organiser reserves the rights to cancel the event in which case the application fee will not be refunded, only the participation fee will be reimbursed.





    Application process 

    To be eligible for jurying, you must first pay
    the application fee of 15 €.
    Once payement is done, you will receive an
    order number that you must mention in the
    appropriate field of the Application Form.
    The submission will not be accepted
    until the payment is received.




    Pay 15€



    Application Form





  • Open call until November 15, 2023